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Balochistan Nutrition Support Program

ZEEKAY FILMS had been hired by Balochistan Nutrition Program for Mothers and Children (BNPMC) project P131850, Health Department, Government of Balochistan to improve health literacy among pregnant women, lactating mothers, children and their family as behavior change communication (BCC) firm during the month of December 2017 till May 30th, 2018. For the program; grant had been obtained from the donor World Bank and it had ran under the supervision of all the stake holders.

The program aims to increase its access to the on-ground intervention with the help of PPHI, NGOs, CBOs and LHWs in selected 7 Districts.

• Zhob
• Kila Saifullah
• Sibi
• Kohlu
• Nushki
• Kharan
• Panjgu

In this short period of time, we as Behavior Change Communication (BCC) firm advocated the campaign to the decision makers, policy makers, society influencers, media, large employers and other health care providing institutions, we enhanced the level of knowledge and improved practices with regard to maternal, infant and young child feeding, health and hygiene.

The program ran successfully in all seven (7) districts and it had increased the awareness among the people of Balochistan which not only includes the selected districts butcapital of the province as well.

For that reason, a dedicated communication in National and local languages including Urdu, Pashto, Balochi and Brahvi was designed with numerous activities associated with the common cause/problem but with district wise/district based solutions. To increase the awareness regarding nutrition a comprehensive and effective on-ground, press, electronic and radio interventions were designed. We also developed IEC material on IYCF including IPC Tool-kit, brochure of Anemia, RUTF and MMS alongwith Seven separate brochures for the district Zhob, Killa Saifullah, Sibi, Kohlu, Nushki, Kharan and Panjgur have been delivered after pre-test conducted by BNPMC and ZEEKAY staff.

The experienced and enthusiastic BCC staff had been hired in all selected district to developed field-work plans of their respective districts with the cooperation of District Nutrition Officer (DNO) and other partners including NGOs, CBOs and PPHI every month. The monitoring method provided the details that the project is on track and indicated where it is not on track and what is being done about this.

To increase the strength of quality communication of the staff and other partners, capacity building trainings were scheduled in the capital of the Balochistan province and in all selected district. The training manual was developed by keeping all the essential and important steps that can influence to change the behavior, reporting formats and other important elements in mind.

On-Ground Intervention

The BCC firm (ZEEKAY FILMS) had extended its on-ground activities of good practices to Union Councils and covered almost more than 60 UCs of all the selected districts. The BCC staff along-with the other partners educated the mothers, lactating women, children, fathers and families in mothers and fathers support groups, door to door counseling, did mocks, and also make them aware regarding the problem arises due to nutrition deficiency.

Capacity Building Training in Quetta and Districts

To enhance the capacity of nominated nutrition field team members, partners’ staff, ZEEKAY Films the BCC firm planned and conducted Capacity Building training in Quetta and Districts.

Dialogue with Political Leaders and Policy Makers

ZEEKAY FILMS had created an opportunity and invited Ex-Parliamentarians, Political leaders, and policymakers to highlight the health crisis (Malnutrition) in Balochistan that affected more than 50% of children age less than 5 years.

Developed IEC Material

The material was developed after comprehensive research in each district by the BCC district coordinators (ZEEKAY Staff).

Developed Field Plans

BCC district coordinators were enthusiastic and developed field-work plans of their respective districts including Zhob, Kila Saifullah, Sibi, Kohlu, Nushki, Kharan, and Panjgur. BCC district coordinators performed their responsibilities with a dedication to ensuring the activities are being conducted inappropriate manner and observed the behavior change as a result.

Developed Training Manual

Training manual in the National language of capacity building training has been developed on the request from BNPMC that covered the work-shop objective, important steps that can influence to change the behavior, reporting formats, and other important elements.

Public Service Messages

Public Service Messages (PSMs) have been produced in Urdu, Balochi, Brahvi, and Pashto languages by keeping attire and culture in mind to engage huge audiences especially tribes and districts of Balochistan.

ORS Preparation Urdu – BNPMC

Junk Food Urdu – BNPMC

Immunization Urdu – BNPMC

IFA Pashto – BNPMC

IFA Balochi – BNPMC

Hand Washing with Soap – BNPMC

Clean Drinking Water – BNPMC

Early Initiation – BNPMC

Complementary Feeding After 6 Month – BNPMC

Complementary Breastfeeding for 2 Years – BNPMC