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About Bhanwar

Bhanwar was produced keeping in mind the Young Doctors Target Killing in Pakistan, the sensitivity and importance for ldaat in Islam, and why it is important, it also features maintaining the health of a pregnant woman in high phase of depression. Bhanwar was a story of a Short family that has the composition of a young man who is married and a doctor by profession lives with his father who is a retired government officer and his wife. The family is hail and hearty and enjoying good moments of life. Daily they are coming across news of young doctors’ target killings that had developed a fear in the family. One fine night a bomb blast took place in the city and the men being a doctor had to rush to the hospital to take care of his patients during the drive to the hospital he had been murdered by unknown persons and hence the tragedy hits this family.

After his death, his wife came to know that she is pregnant when she is spending her time in her house with her father-in-law. The news made the father-in-law happy but sad as well that he had lost his son but now God has blessed him with another reason to live. He feels that with this news his daughter-in-law went into acute depression. The news went out to the neighbors and other family members and instead, they get happy they started accusing the father-in-law and daughter-in-law. This leads pregnant women into more depression and her health started shrinking. The old Father-in-law realizes the fact that she is pregnant and the first four months are very important for the baby who yet had to be born he started counseling his daughter in law, start doing her catharsis. try to make good food and try to provide her food which is good for her health.

He specifically tries to give her fruits and healthy meals and keep her away from all the depressive arguments and taunts of the society and finally, he was able to take her out from the depression and she started living healthy. The struggle of a father had taken this film to the next level. The idea was that not only females in the family can take care of the expecting mothers but males in the family can also help a pregnant mother in the family and they can take care of her during her natural nourishment period. If the mother is healthy she will give birth to a healthy child.

The other objective was also achieved that the importance of ldaat also we communicate to all those people who brutally murder a person that after the death/murder of the victim how much it is difficult for his/her survivors to survive and this act is condemned in Islam as well as in any religion across the globe and with the laws practiced by any country. Under no circumstances, it is allowed to murder an innocent person. The film was appreciated by the audience and later it aired on HUM TV.