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Pakistan is the world’s sixth most populous country, with an estimated population of over 192.8 million in 2016. Malnutrition “Ghizai Qillat” is one of the hidden enemies that is prevailing in society and with the recent surveys a large population of Pakistan is suffering from Malnutrition. It is an irreversible process. A Child can be caught during the first two years of his/her childhood. Further, the death rate of Pregnant and Lactating women are increasing day by day. It’s not present only in the rural part of Pakistan or it is associated with poverty but in Metropolitan cities and among high-income brackets as well. Because of this issue, Pakistan is making a loss of billions in terms of Human Resources. It is an emergency situation in Pakistan.

According to the National Nutrition Survey 2011, in Pakistan 62% of the children have Anaemia, 54% have Vitamin A deficiencies, 40% suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies, and 37% with Zinc deficiencies who are under the age of 5 years. In Sindh, it has been observed that among 1,000 live births 82 children die before they see their first birthday and 104 before the age of 05 years. It is a global problem, according to the World Health Organization 7,000 newborns die every day and 2.5 million children die in the first month of life in 2017. It is because of multiple problems which include Anemia/Iron deficiencies in pregnant & lactating women, does not feed colostrum (a nutrient-rich fluid that is produced right after the birth of a child) to the babies which helps them increase their immunity, balanced diet with nutritional values, early child marriage, birth spacing, etc.

Talash is the first full-length feature film that primarily targets Malnutrition in an entertaining way through a Rom-Com, a love triangle. Talash had been conceived in late 2017 and start its production in July 2018. It gets life on October 20, 2018, when CM Sindh, Syed Murad Ali Shah directed all the public-sector universities in Sindh to set up medical camps in each and every taluka of Tharparkar as a short-term measure to save the lives of sick children owing to the drought-like situation and also called for exploring alternate employment opportunities to resolve the issue of food security. Mothers should be healthy and well aware of the health issues such as nutrition, birth spacing, how to take care of themselves right from conceiving pregnancy to delivery and where to deliver the child and how to take care of the child,” he said while presiding over a high-level meeting, which was attended by eight provincial ministers, Chief Secretary, Vice-chancellors of different public and private sector universities, all concerned secretaries and officers.

The story of Talash is based on a metropolitan and rural fuse, where a group of Medical Post Graduates has been directed to set up a medical camp in Tharparkar and due to some engaging and thrilling incidents they reach to another place.

Other than Tharparkar and came to know that situation is almost the same as of Tharparkar. They are opposed by strong opponents, myths, and believes and still try to find ways to convince people for their benefit. Their struggle towards saving lives, series of engaging sequences, thrilling moments, innocence, ignorance, romance, comedy, emotional drama makes is a complete family film where all the family members from eldest to the youngest can come and enjoy. Further with entertainment, the family will also get the messages of the upbringing of children from the day of conception till the age of two years so that they can remain healthy and contributes to the Country in their adulthood.