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Engro Fertilizers Limited

About Engro Fertilizers Limited

Engro Fertilizers Limited is a subsidiary of Engro Corporation and a renowned name in Pakistan’s fertilizer industry. It is traded on the stock market under the symbol ‘EFERT.

Engro holds a vast, nationwide production and marketing infrastructure and produces leading fertilizer brands optimized for local cultivation needs and demand. Engro is also a leading importer and seller of Phosphate products, which are marketed extensively across Pakistan as phosphate fertilizers. Engro Fertilizers’ extensive market development activities have ensured a sustained pull for our primary and secondary fertilizer products and sellout productions since launch. Engro Fertilizers Limited enjoys a loyal customer base across Pakistan owing to its trusted fertilizer brands and continual farmer assistance in training and education.

Engro Fertilizers Limited was incorporated in June 2009, following a decision to demerge fertilizer concern from its parent company Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited. The continual expansions and diversifications in its enterprises necessitated a  broad restructuring in  Engro  Chemical operations and management. To facilitate better oversight, Engro Chemical Pakistan was converted into a holding company named Engro Corporation, and its fertilizer business was subsequently demerged to a  newly formed Engro subsidiary -Engro Fertilizers Limited. Engro’s fertilizer manufacturing facility at Daharki has been experiencing ongoing expansion. This, coupled with distinct dynamics of highly nuanced fertilizer industry warranted an independent and dedicated business entity and approach. The demerger of fertilizer concern was approved by the High Court of Sind on December 9th, 2009, making it effective as of January 1, 2010.

Engro, support leadership & culture through unique systems and policies which ensure open communication, foster an environment of employee and partner privacy, and guarantee the wellbeing and safety of its employee.

Engro’s core values form “the basis of everything we do at Engro” from formal decision making to how  Engro conducts its business to spot awards and recognition. Engro never forgets what they stand for Engro believes that a successful business creates a much bigger economic impact and value in the community, which dwarfs any philanthropic contribution. Hence, sustainable business development is to be anchored in a commitment to engage with key stakeholders in the community and society. Health and Safety, of Engro’s Employees and Environmental   Friendly procedures, are at the top priority at  Engro  Fertilizer. Therefore, Engro Fertilizer designates a job to us to prepare a Health & Safety Documentary as a Corporate Social Responsiveness for its Employees and society to communicate that Engro has the best  Health and  Safety  Practices. Engro is enriching the lives of thousands of people every day because it is more than a corporate identity but it was not always so, Engro had to make an effort and a long journey to make it, what it is today. Engro has started 46 years ago with a small 173,000 tons Urea plant per year and now it is a massive 2.3 million tons per year facility. Over the decades,  diligence,  hard work, and a strong cultural base of Health and safety and environment had helped its transformation from a small unit to a massive production capacity. In the past 46 years, employees at Engro had worked together to develop a strong bond of passion, high safety standards, personal accountability, and caring.

These efforts over time have enabled strong Health & Safety based business performance. Engro had not only considered the Health & Safety but Industrial Hygiene, Environment, and Occupational health, and now they are one of the best in Pakistan in Health and Safety measures, and in 2013 Engro reaches 4.2  Process Safety Management ratings.

The documentary also covers different department’s Health and Safety measures. It also covers the Environmental Safety measures Engro had put in to make it achieve 4.2 Dupont Process Safety Management ratings and received a Health Service Excellence Award which is a rare award in the area where Engro Operates. There were 82 participants who were competing for the before-mentioned award.

Engro’s continuous struggle to Health & Saftey Environment has enabled Engo Fertilizer today to extend helping hand and steward other industries and corporates for world-class Health &  Safety assistance. The documentary also covers and conveys that Engro today has aligned itself today with DuPont Health & Safety Resources and it can provide assistance to others as well to align themselves for best Health & Safety practices because they know Pakistani Labour Laws, its environment and Culture. Engro can also help others to implement {1) OSHA based Process Safety Management & (2) Gap Analysis & Process Safety Elements Alignment Engro had made HSE culture through trust, employee empowerment, and direct involvement. Engro believes that Health & Safety and environment-friendly culture only becomes possible after giving employees their personal stakes in it. When Health and Safety become the utmost priority.

On behalf of ZEEKAY FILMS, our team member Mr. Moiz Nazeer had done the documentary.