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About Hifz-e-Watan

In the past two decades, Pakistan has also become one of the victims of Terrorism after joining the world on War on Terror as the closest allies to fight the war. We had witnessed martyrdom not only of the Security Personnel but of our countrymen as well. This war had also persuaded illegal immigration, infiltration of insurgents and drug smugglers between the two countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan across the Durand Line. Pakistan Army initiates the project of fencing the Pak-Afghan border in 2005 but limited work was carried out. Recently, the Pakistan Army had initiated it again and secure the borderline by not only fencing it but maintaining it along with border management facilities and surveillance. Thousands of kilometers long borderline is a man-made wonder what had been done by Pakistan Army. The majority of its area is constructed by Southern Command under extreme conditions, with scarce resources, at challenging peaks, and extremely hard surfaces with hostility across the border. The effort had put together a wonder which now had not served us in our sovereignty and help in improving economic conditions but also saved us from unconventional enemies like COVID19 through border management systems and other protocols.

We at ZEEKAYFILMS feel extremely privileged to film our National Integrity, Symbol of National sovereignty that had secured the National Assets. A Resolve can do Wonders.