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When it comes to exercise, a variety of options lets you create a diverse workout. One of the most common trainings among athletes is the rowing, a combination exercise that helps you build strength while getting a cardiovascular workout. Rowing has some advantages, compared to other forms of cardio, that you should consider when creating a workout plan.

Combination  Benefits Rowing like any exercise combines muscle-building resistance and cardiovascular elements, such as elevated heart rate. Rowing is a combination that mimics the muscles used when you row a boat. It strengthens and conditions major muscle groups like shoulders, arms, back, core, legs, and glutes. It is low-impact and places little stress on your body.

Rowing helps you burn calories at a high rate, and it helps you continue burning calories long after you’re done. This is because of the added resistance from water that your muscles must adjust to, increasing your muscle activation. The set-up of rowing also allows you to practice HllT — High-Intensity Interval Training a type of workout that uses intense bursts of activity followed by periods of less-intense activity. HllT benefits those who want a quick, efficient, calorie-burning workout. To begin, a warm-up at a steady pace for three to five minutes. Set your resistance to low and row at a moderate pace for 60 seconds. Next, pick up the pace – focusing on pulling the handles and driving your legs for the next 20 seconds.

This documentary covers the thoughts of the current young rowers to attract more and more towards this sport and live a healthy life. Therefore, with this short documentary, we made a plan to have an Inter-School Rowing Competition, where over 18 schools around the city with more than 250 participants will fight for the supremacy battle of Gold Medal(s). The competition was divided into Single Scull, Double Scull, Quadruple Scull, Coxed Fours, and Pairs Eight.

The turnout was appreciating and this documentary makes it an annual event and more and more members to Karachi Boat Club for a healthy heart and strong muscular body, which prevents most of the rowers from different diseases because it not only builds the strong body and better working heart but a strong immune system that can fight with today’s infections.