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70 years before we got independence and because we lived in a combined culture of Hindus and Muslims, therefore, we still believe in Myths and Superstitious believes that we had taken as an inheritance. Also, the desire to have a baby boy makes the people do different tricks and tactics and at the end of the day, a female had been blamed by the entire family for not giving birth to a baby boy. Although the Holy Quran and Science both had communicated to the world that the gender of a baby is dependent on Male sperms. Due to which millions of people in Pakistan do not give a proper gap between the children and mother & child health remains below the normal curve. With respect to the researches available on the Internet and other sources.

It had been observed that Pakistan suffers from High rates of Childhood and maternal malnutrition. There had been no or very little progress in educating the people of Pakistan for the same. Therefore, almost 30% – 35% of the children under the age of 5 years remain underweight and their nourishment effects because within this time frame their mothers had given birth to 2- 3 more children. In many cases, it had also been observed that a Mother does not takes better nutrition in her pregnancy and gives birth to a child every year for the desire of having a Babyboy.

This produces children who suffer severely from malnutrition. In addition to it, deficiencies are widespread such as Iron-deficiencies anemia, zinc, and other vitamins such as vitamin D and Vitamin A in particular among children at the age of 2 years to 5 years and among pregnant women. Research had also educated us that approximately 15% of the mothers remain underweight.

These were the main reasons to produce a drama serial that has entertainment value as well as it can give communication to millions of viewers primarily living in Pakistan to understand these dynamics and reality. Main Bushra does not only telecasted in Pakistan but it had been purchased by the Indian broadcaster Zee Television Network to Telecast on their Satellite platform to educate the same to the viewer’s living in India and it had been accepted and appreciated in Indian Territory as well.

As we wrote above that we inherited many superstitious believes and myths when we got separated, BUSHRA is also one among them. This is a Myth that if a family decides to keep the name of a baby Girl BUSHRA than the next baby to the family will be a baby boy. We took our research after knowing this myth and started meeting families who had kept the name Bushra of their baby girls to find if they had a baby boy or not. A sample of TV audiences had been selected and after the research, we came to know that some had baby boys and millions did not have the baby boy. The research also reflects the problem of malnutrition among babies and mothers. Therefore, we started writing a drama serial that was later aired at ARY Digital.

The story revolves around a mother whose name was Soofia and she had always been a victim of criticism in the family and especially by her husband for not giving birth to a baby boy. They consider the Myth of Bushra as well and named their 3rd daughter as Bushra in the hope of a Baby Boy. Even after naming the daughter Bushra the family kept on trying and had four more daughters. After giving birth to seven daughters Soofia suffers from high depression, deficiencies of iron, zinc, vitamins, and other deficiencies and she’s unable to enjoy her life. The daughters grew up and they were disturbed physiologically. Bushra, among the seven daughters, had always been blamed as well. Therefore, Bushra decides to take on the challenge of life as well. She decides to become the earning hand of her father and the story takes her to the different events and situations where she tries to prove that not only a son but a daughter as well can bear the load of the family.

She had always been an advocate that even if you have daughters you can bring happiness and joy in the family if you believe in them. Bushra not only solves the major issues of the family but she makes her father and others associated with her realize that these beliefs can only hurt the emotions and physical health of the pregnant mothers and children born.