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Aired on AAJ Entertainment. Mein KamiIi was designed in a way that it had covered three basic topics Honor Killings in Pakistan, lack of safe and purified drinking water which causes major illness and nourishment, lack of education illiteracy and not owning the girls if they were born in the first place of the family because the family expects a son to be born and they disown the born baby girls. Three separate seasons were designed in a way that they can join among themselves and one issue overlaps the other Human Rights Commission of Pakistan database recorded 987 cases of honor killings in 2015, with 1,096 females and 88 males of whom at least 170 were minors, said an HRCP report on the state of human rights yesterday.

In 2014 about 1,000 women died in honor-related attacks and 869 in 2013.

The parliament made 20 laws. The president promulgated 12 ordinances. The provincial legislatures adopted 120 laws. With 40 laws enacted, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had the highest legislative output, followed by Sindh (32), Punjab (31), and Balochistan (17). The provinces continued to use expanded legislative authority under the 18th Constitutional Amendment to enact several important laws, but the implementation mechanism lagged behind. Important legislation included the Sindh Commission on the Status of Women Act, Balochistan Prevention and Control of Thalassemia Act, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Prohibition of Employment of Children Act. Water is essential to human life. Our body needs water for hydration and to facilitate various functions of the body such as digestion, metabolism, and elimination of waste. However, one of the biggest problems of mankind today in Pakistan especially is the poor quality of water in many parts of the country.

There are many diseases caused by water pollution. These include gastrointestinal diseases, reproductive problems, neurological disorders, and even cancer. Anyone can be affected, but babies, young children, elderly individuals, and pregnant women, especially those who have weakened immune systems, are susceptible to illnesses from various water contaminants.

Considering, these basic problems we wrote a story that revolves around a girl Zulekha who is educated (Graduate) in the society that does not believes in Women’s Education and Empowerment.

Zulekha loves Sikander who is her neighbor and also teaches children in School. In an illiterate environment, Zulekha finds herself into deep trouble when her family members without taking her concern engage her with her cousin Neema.

Zulekha on this act advocate for herself that she is educated and when she can cast her vote to elect the government than why can’t she be given her right to select her life partner. Even the laws of Pakistan and the Laws of Islam permit her to select her life partner. She with this belief holds the hand of Sikander and they ran from their village in search of their happy life. Villagers follow them and at one point Zulekha and Sikander decide to separate their paths and meet back once they are safe. Sikander asks Zulekha to run inside the property of Thakt-e-Sultan (the Landlord of the area) as he believes that a landlord is a positive person and he can understand her argument and will help the couple to find their happy life. At this point, Zulekha runs to the house of the Landlord who has the surname, Sultan.

Sultan is a literate person and by education, he is a lawyer. Usually, all the villagers come to Sultan with their problems and their solution. They always pay respect to the decisions given by Sultan and obey his decision. When Zulekha meets Sultan she conveys her story and arguments to him. Sultan orders to bring her family members to him so that he can solve this issue, but when her family comes to Sultan they were fierce and Sultan asked for the assurance of the safety of the girl that they will not kill the girl in the name Honor and until they will not make it sure to him he will not handover the girl to the family. These negotiations took several days and Zulekha stays under the custody of Sultan and one day Sultan came to know that Sikander is alive and he came back to his village to request Sultan to marry Zulekha.

Zulekha also requests Sultan that she is an adult and has her CNIC and she has the right to select her life partner. Sultan after having the arguments decides that it is a lawful act and the right of both Sikander and Zulekha to live with each other. However, he has a complete understanding that if they live near to this village the villagers will kill them in the name of honor. Therefore, he makes arrangements for Zulekha and Sikander in a nearby urban station and gifts them a small house to live in.

Zulekha and Sikander find their life and happiness in the nearby urban area however here they came across another antagonist Noor Zaman, who is the nephew of a politician and uses his uncle’s power for unlawful acts. His uncle Mr. Aftab Malik is a gentleman and like Sultan people of his constituency love him. He had worked day and night for the development, education, and safe living of the people of his constituency. However, Noor Zaman takes advantage of his uncle’s legacy.

The twist and turns continue and the show comes to the resolve, with a message that the bad has a bad end and good has a good. The basic theme of the play remains to entertain people with messaging content.