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Mein Pakistan

About Mein Pakistan (A Series of Documentaries)

Facing extreme violence and hardships in life there are people that perform the show of puppetry, turning themselves into a puppet and the immunity towards violence and extremism grows which tends to take over the spirits of the people. These people think that maybe life itself is supposed to mend or they simply wait for God’s touch which would shower miracles, but they forget that there can be another side of life too while there are people who dwell within their own sympathies and negativities, on the other hand, there are people who are persistent in their lives.

Their determination and consistency tend to show the people of Pakistan the brighter and more positive side of this nation, negating all hurdles and hardships in life. Mein Pakistan stands as a symbol of nation-building and unity and provides a platform that talks about people and their hardships in lives who are never beaten by the power of negativity. Their strength that mostly lies in making the best out of every situation has enabled them to turn their dreams into reality. Pakistan and the people of this nation will never realize their strengths until they believe in themselves and Mein Pakistan builds a foundation of motivation and determination that should encourage them to do something not only for themselves but shall also strives to build a positive image of Pakistan.



Pervarish, an orphanage in Swat manages to look after poor and helpless children, who are left to be raised without families. But most importantly Pervarish takes the initiative losing a loved one either it’s a parent or a sibling, leaving no I one to look after It formulates a vision that looks towards in building a stronger civil society by saving the young children. This orphanage not only feeds them but also provides them with an education that is supposed to help the children to prosper and build their future. This orphanage speaks of protecting the real assets of this nation while providing an environment for a child where they can think and take their lives on a path just like normal children.



Sangota Public School Mingora, Swat The Sangota Public School that was destroyed by the hands of Terrorist is now in the running phase where the education for youth especially girls is encouraged that defines determination on its own. Presentation Sisters Union who took the initiation for the rebirth of the school; and Sister Greta Gill speak of the hardships and the challenges that they face towards the remaking of the school. The security concerns even though it has always been present there she believes that trusting in God is the only hope that is making them move ahead and progress in life.

Even though the struggling phase has not finished the school lacks a good library and also the furniture a student tends to increase in number, but she keeps encouraging the youth to identify the extreme potential in them that can spread like a ray of hope for the people affected by terrorism. Sister Greta Gill is thankful for all the generosity of the people that have helped the school to stand up again and face the world.



An episode that focuses on highlighting the problems, social issues, and hardships faced by the minorities who are not only facing violence and persecution every day but also he suppression that tends to interrupt their normal daily lives. This also determines that minorities have always been socially excluded from society also.
This documentary is based on two parts and the most important factor about it is that the feeling of belonging from any minority community, whether Christian, Sikh, or Hindu, the consequences that they bear is intolerable. The laws and the policies to bring justice is too late and too little, making them vulnerable and exposed to the harsh killings in Pakistan. But what keeps them alive is the urge to live and let other people live in peace, while truly dedicating their lives towards the betterment of their community and society.



Lyari, an area in Karachi where one can find people belonging from different types of communities, but this area still sits in the midst of the violence that affects the masses and their lives. While gangs and smugglers have operated in Lyari and Sultanabad for decades and where this war has overshadowed the hidden talents of the youth, now it wants to slowly want to bring people toward screening their hidden talents to the nation. Most importantly it forms a collection of youth that starts to rebuilds its foundations on more firm beliefs that peace is achievable and the youth can be bought towards contributing positively towards this nation also. Taking this kind of initiation that promotes peace and positivity would help the young children to build and visualize their future towards prosperity. Changing the nature of the atmosphere where boosting morals and motivating the youth that would help in defending the integrity of Pakistan.



After terrorism took over Pakistan, the media and journalism reached its peak. But with the sudden shifts in the paradigms of the politics within Pakistan, the journalism and journalist even became the victims of extremities and target killings.
The journalist even though their lives are put on stake but the risk can never be equivalent to the determination that these people show cause they are the master of the most powerful tool, media. So keeping the complexities and hardships they face this can’t be ignored that these journalists show courage and bravery.



Where people are dying and suffering of chronic diseases, where there are war and killings, where there are people who face challenges regarding health issues, doctors and other medical staff are the ones that are liable to take care or cure people. Their oath has laid the foundation of promises they owe to this nation. Sara Seraphine and her determination is one of the main qualities that lead her to face all challenges in life. Being a nurse in a civil hospital her job and her duty requires great persistence and determination that dwells within her to encounter any extreme challenges in her job.
While on the other hand Baabul an ambulance driver has a job that requires him to be on his toes 24/7. The most challenging part is when he is on call or what time he is called is unknown, he there to fulfill his duties with a great determination which makes him more focused towards his goals and ambitions, and that is to serve his country regardless what situation and what difficulties he is facing. The nature of his job is difficult but he is still persistent that shows perseverance that enables us to think that people like him still live in this place where violence has led people to lose hope being on the fields whilst facing extreme dangers to their lives.



Police whom we call the Saviors of the people sacrificing their lives towards the protection of the people of this nation. They are the people whose lives are on the stake and their constant struggling to keep this country running brings forth some eye-opening stories that only strive to seek what is best for Pakistan. But recently the deteriorating conditions within the police especially Police Line Quetta, where police are targeted but at the same time, the police are surviving on having the true spirits of sacrificing their lives for this country.



Based on two parts this collection of episodes that brings forth the brutal killings in Quetta has been happening consistently in Pakistan. While educating the masses on how the social exclusion of these people has led them to be exposed to vulnerability and exploitation, Part I highlights the problems and the hurdles faced in everyday lives. While Part II will help in forming a path of positivity by people’s narrations of their life stories that are based on hope and providing a ray of hope for people to start looking towards life in a positive manner.