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Namak Paray

About Namak Paray

Namak Paray was a Rom-Com, TV series, that highlighted different problems and solutions a common person came across within daily life. Which includes the communication and transportation problems, health and nutrition problems, maternal health problems, electricity problems, clean drinking water problem, mugging and snatching problems, Poverty problems, Education Problems, Corruption Problems, Life Security Problems, Justice and Human Rights, Unemployment, Refugees and many more.

Namak Paray was a story of Fahad who is a young Fine Arts Graduate and a cartoonist by profession. Fahad works for a daily newspaper and his cartoons publish every day. Fahad meets Maina and they find themselves into a relationship and become life partners.

Daily, they find themselves into different problems and more of them are the common problems that a normal Pakistani can come across with. Later, Maina’s Khala and her younger sister Laila join them in their small apartment and with them, they bring more problems to Fahad’s Life. With the limited livelihood, Fahad has to manage now 4 persons who are living with him.

In one of the episodes, which were highly praised by the viewers, when Maina’s Khala Jaan bought two products from a local seller who comes on the door to sell his herbal products. The episode had been dedicated to local unaccredited products which are common in our daily lives.

Moral of the episode: do not use medical products without the prescription of a Qualified Doctor who also buys medicines from a licensed pharmacy.

In another episode of Namak Paray which was dedicated to Maternal Problems and Nutrition, Maina on one fine morning feels nausea and she started vomiting. When Laila told this incident to Khala Jaan, she started celebrating this incident because she feels that Maina is Pregnant. Maina also finds it interesting and she feels happy about it. Fahad now has to face a lot of problems from Khala Jaan and he has to bear all the tempers of her and Maina’s Family. Fahad continuously pleads to Khala Jaan that they should go and consult a doctor as Maina’s Health is dropping every passing moment. Khala as usual elders in our society started giving her all the homemade remedies and kept on emphasizing that it is just because that she does not have the strength because she had always been diet conscious and had not taken proper food and nutrition. Maina had been overwhelmed by Khala Jaan and her homemade remedies. At the conclusion of the episode, it becomes clear to the entire family that Maina had a miss-carriage because of unhealthy nutrition and homemade remedies.

Moral of the episode: Do not use any homemade remedies because of any experience from the past that had worked on any patient. Every Patient and complications should be addressed by a medical consultant. We had recorded another episode that in a light way communicates to a large number of viewers that the locally advertised Saints/ Sufi(s) are only there to make money and disguise innocent people who come to them and at the end of the day nothing happens to the affected person other than the expense.

In light ways, we had communicated many problems that are associated with our society and common people came across them in their day-to-day life. The series initially telecasted at HUMTV and later it was aired in Indian Territory by ZEE Zindagi. As both of the countries as the same problems, therefore, it was well appreciated at Zee Zindagi as well by Indian Viewers.