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Ufone – Tum He Tu Ho

About Ufone – Tum He Tu Ho (CSR Documentaries)

While different organizations have derived different meanings for the term corporate social responsibility, however, there continues to be much in common between all the strategies adopted by companies for CSR programs. While it is commonly argued that Pakistan is a country that is still lacking in CSR practices among companies there have been certain organizations that have taken the lead and must be lauded for their efforts in contributing to the society and people of Pakistan.

Corporate Social Responsibility can be understood as the continuing commitment by businesses to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large.


1. Dr. Ghina Shamsi – CSR Documentary Package

Ufone had taken initiative in current to bring the daily life heroes to the mainstream by making their TVCs driven out through their daily life packages in shape of Documentary. Ufone aims at playing a positive role in improving the healthcare sector and responsive governance in Pakistan to ensure basic healthcare facilities for all citizens of Pakistan. Ufone believes in providing the same level of healthcare facilities to children coming from affluent and poor social backgrounds. Ufone’s ‘Child Healthcare Initiative’ aims at bridging the gap between children from marginalized sections of society and those enjoying medical facilities at par with standards followed at any private medical facility.

Dr. Ghina Shamsi is a General Surgeon at Indus Hospital Karachi, this short documentary covers her daily life as a working mother and how she takes care of like a doctor her family health especially children.

Better nutrition and nourishment make children healthier and wise and they have a better tomorrow. She had also discussed how she manages her home with her responsibility. At the end of her documentary, she discloses how Ufone Super Card helps in her overall daily routine. This package/ short documentary is currently on-air on different channels as a TVC and a complete package/documentary. It also behaves as a Public service message for millions of TV viewers.


2. Fazal Muhammad – CSR Documentary Package

Fazal Muhammad is a resident of Baluchistan in district Khuzdar. He is an auto mechanic and a professional footballer He works in the workshop for around 12 hours daily. Whatever he earns from the workshop it is so minimal that it becomes very difficult for him to live healthy and happy. The income is not enough to meet his day-to-day expenses in inflating Pakistan. He’s playing football for 1O years after being inspired by a footballer from Khuzdar District, named Waseem, who had represented Pakistan in National Football Team and he was among one of the best players Pakistan had produced. Fazal Muhammad gets his inspiration from Waseem and started his journey of playing football after watching him playing for Pakistan. The inspiration from his home district Khuzdar was so much aspiring and motivating for him that he realized that he can also play for Pakistan National Football Team.

He feels that playing a sport had made him live healthily and to play football and achieve his passion he always take out time to play and practice football in his district and he is now becoming an inspiration for many in his district. He had participated in Pakistan under 16 in the year 201 O in Asian Youth Games and had scored two goals for Pakistan against Kuwait and Afghanistan respectively. His family also supports him to play football for Pakistan and bring back the glory of his district to Khuzdar back once again. He is also a Ufone loyal customer and using Ufone for 7 years. He feels that Ufone Super Card is affordable and provides him the best services.

On behalf of ZEEKAY FILMS, both of these packages/short documentaries had been shot and directed by one of our major team members Moiz Nazeer who is a graduate of Media Sciences from lqra University.