Igniting Change Through Storytelling


At ZeeKay Films, we believe the power of narrative transcends entertainment. We harness the magic of storytelling to drive positive change, tackle critical social issues, and empower communities. Our portfolio boasts impactful campaigns and content designed to spark behavioral shifts, particularly concerning projects of public interest.


Clean Sweep: From Waste Disposal to Cricketing Triumph

Imagine waste disposal becoming a nail-biting cricketing competition! That’s the magic of ZeeKay Films’ “Clean Sweep” web series. We fused the passion for cricket with the crucial message of proper solid waste disposal, creating engaging episodes that resonated with audiences across Pakistan. This innovative campaign not only educated viewers about responsible waste management but also celebrated community participation and environmental stewardship.


Talash: Shining a Light on Malnutrition

Our feature film “Talash” tackled the heartbreaking issue of child malnutrition in remote Pakistani areas. With its poignant narrative and stunning visuals, the film brought global attention to this critical issue. Featured at the United Nations and screened in front of over 40 ambassadors, “Talash” sparked crucial conversations and inspired action towards improving child nutrition across the globe.


Beyond Projects, a Philosophy

These projects are just a glimpse into ZeeKay Films’ unwavering commitment to social impact through storytelling. We believe in:

– Deeply researched & culturally relevant narratives: Our stories resonate with local communities, ensuring messages are understood and resonate deeply.
– Collaboration with social impact organizations: We partner with NGOs, government agencies, and change makers to amplify their efforts and reach wider audiences.
– Leveraging innovative storytelling formats: From web series to feature films and documentaries, we explore diverse formats to keep audiences engaged and informed.
– Measuring impact & driving tangible change: We go beyond creating awareness, actively collaborating on projects that directly address the issues we highlight.


Join the Movement:

ZeeKay Films invites you to partner with us in making a difference. Let us craft compelling narratives that spark conversations, challenge perceptions, and ultimately, inspire positive change. Together, we can use the power of storytelling to make Pakistan a healthier, happier, and more sustainable place for all.

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By showcasing your passion for social impact and highlighting tangible results, you can inspire potential partners and collaborators to join your mission of creating positive change through storytelling.