We Master the Docudrama

ZeeKay Films’ Diverse

Expertise in Storytelling

We, at ZeeKay Films, believe in the power of documentary filmmaking to ignite hearts and provoke thought. Our passion lies in capturing the tapestry of Pakistan’s stories, crafting diverse docudramas that resonate with audiences across public and private sectors.


What sets us apart is our multifaceted expertise


Storytelling Spectrum We paint with a broad brush, from weaving vibrant tributes to national spirit to delving into the intricacies of corporate social responsibility initiatives. We’ve partnered with prestigious institutions and organizations, both public and private, to illuminate diverse worlds and perspectives. Each film becomes a unique tapestry, meticulously woven to the client’s vision and target audience.


Technical Prowess We’re early adopters when it comes to cutting-edge production and post-production tools. Our cameras dance with the light, capturing nuanced moments, while our editing suite becomes a playground where narratives come alive through stunning visuals and captivating sound design. This commitment to technical mastery ensures international-caliber productions that leave audiences captivated.


Bridging Public and Private Domains Our reach extends like a bridge across public and private landscapes. We navigate the diverse needs of organizations, from collaborating with international aid organizations and private corporations to documenting the unwavering spirit of national heroes. This adaptability is a testament to our ability to seamlessly adapt to different environments and deliver impactful stories.

Selected Titles for Inspiration


– Tribute to Pakistan for UNSRC Pakistan Club, United Nations)
– Finance Documentary for Government of Sindh
– Hifz-e-Watan (Pak Army Documentary) and many more
– Agha Khan University (Department of Pediatric & Child Health)
– Ufone – CSR documentaries
– Karachi Boat Club


These are just a few glimpses into the vast portfolio of ZeeKay Films. We believe in pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and most importantly, in the power of storytelling to shape tomorrow. Let us partner with you to breathe life into your story, one frame at a time.